• Article 12 – Provincial Dispute Resolution Committee +

    The grievance-arbitration process is an essential part of all collective agreements. However, the CUPE agreement also boasts a Provincial Dispute Resolution Committee (PDRC) as an alternative to what can often Read More
  • Article 21.14 – Multi-Site Work +

    Article 21.14 – Multi-Site Work Did you know that your CUPE collective agreement has important restrictions on multi-site work? Read More
  • Article 27.24 – Maximizing Full-Time Employment +

    CUPE is committed to minimizing precarious work. Working as a part-time, relief, or casual employee is a difficult and unpredictable way to make ends meet for many people in our Read More
  • Article 28 - Canada Day +

    Article 28 - Canada Day Canada Day is a designated holiday within the terms of our collective agreement.Employees who are regularly scheduled to work Monday through Friday:✓ when the holiday falls on a Sunday, the Read More
  • Article 6.01 – Use of Volunteers +

    CUPE’s collective agreement is the only provincial health care agreement that restricts the use of volunteers in order to protect the job security of union members. Volunteers play an important Read More
  • Article 6.02 - Restrictions on subcontracting and contracting out +

    Only CUPE’s collective agreement can defend health care jobs by challenging the contracting out of bargaining unit work through an expedited arbitration process – protection you can count on in these Read More
  • Article 6.03 – Work of the bargaining unit +

    Since the beginning, unions have attempted to negotiate “work of the bargaining unit” provisions to enhance job security for their members.  These provisions prevent management from allocating work or jobs Read More
  • Articles 27.06 and 27.07 – Consecutive Days Off and Consecutive Work Days +

    Articles 27.06 and 27.07 – Consecutive Days Off and Consecutive Work Days Working in health care is a 24-hour, 365 day-a-year operation. The majority of our members work around the clock.  Shiftwork is a reality, but CUPE has negotiated the following collective Read More
  • Did You Know - Article 15.09 – Workload +

    Did You Know - Article 15.09 – Workload CUPE’s collective agreement is the only provincial health care agreement that includes a comprehensive, stand-alone provision to address the workload concerns of members. Read More
  • Did You Know - You have the right to refuse unsafe work +

    You have the right under the Saskatchewan's Occupational Health and Safety Act to refuse work that you believe, on reasonable grounds, is unusually dangerous to you or anyone else in the workplace. An Read More
  • Did You Know: Family Illness Leave +

    When requesting Family Illness Leave you need only identify the following: » The family member who is ill. This can include spouses,parents, in-laws, children, guardians, grandparents, and fiancés/fiancées. For a complete Read More
  • Did You Know: Posted and Confirmed Work Schedules +

    Posted and ConfirmedWork Schedules If you are a full-time or part-time employee, your work schedule must be confirmed by the employer no less than 14 calendar days in advance. Once Read More
  • Did You Know: Serious Illness Leave +

    Serious Illness Leave If you are the primary caregiver of an immediate family member, you are entitled to two consecutive working days of paid leave if the family member has Read More
  • Did You Know: Union Representative +

    Union representative You have the right to have a union representative present when you meet with your manager about any labour relations issue. This right also extends to group meetings Read More
  • Extended Health and Dental Plan Improvements +

    Effective July 1, 2015 Hearing Aid Maximum – the maximum reimbursement was increased from 0 to 240,500 every 5 years. Child Orthodontic – the lifetime maximum was increased from 240,500 Read More
  • Group Life Insurance and Disability Income Benefits +

    If you are receiving disability benefits from the 3sHealth disability plan and your disability benefits or waiver of premium coverage is terminated or denied, your life insurance will terminate unless Read More
  • Pension Benefits at 65 or Older +

    Old Age Security (OAS): You become entitled to an Old Age Security pension by living in Canada for at least 10 years after the age of 18. The basic Old Read More
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