The CUPE Rehabilitation Fund was established in the early 1980s. The current Letter ofUnderstanding (#15) can be found in the Collective Agreement between Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO) and Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) for the period April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2012 and states:

Re: Disability Income Plan Rehabilitation Fund

The established rehabilitation Fund shall be utilized for investment purposes only.

Interest earned, less appropriate administrative charges, shall be available as supplementary funds for rehabilitation projects for CUPE members.

      • Recommendation for expenditures shall be made by the Director of Employee Benefits to the Joint Administrative Committee. The Committee will receive copies of all requests for assistance;
      • Any unspent interest will revert to the capital of the fund.

The CUPE Rehabilitation Fund Committee was formed on March 4, 1998. The mandate of the Committee is to approve the allocation of funds in accordance with the CUPE Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  • The CUPE Rehabilitation Fund Committee will consider covering costs towards:
  • Training courses, tuition and books
  • Childcare cost during courses
  • Medical rehabilitation programs, extended physio and massage therapy (after Great West Life funds have been exhausted)
  • Mileage for courses and rehabilitative programs
  • Replacement parts for orthopedic braces
  • Sleep apnea machines
  • Expenses incurred when a change to a member's occupation is required due to the result of a disability.

The maximum limit for reimbursement is $750.00 per individual per calendar year.

Applications for assistance may be submitted to the Rehabilitation Coordinator, Disability Income Plans at 3sHealth in Regina, at (306) 347-5563 or to CUPE representatives at each Local.

Benefits paid are taxable at source. For example, if a $750.00 benefit is approved, a portion will be retained and forwarded to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. Approval letters will document the amount of Federal Tax submitted to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

Requests for financial assistance should be made on the CUPE Rehabilitation Fund Committee Application Form. Copies of the form should be available from your Local Union Office, on the CUPE Health Care Council Website, and from the Rehabilitation Coordinator, Disability Income Plans at 3sHealth in Regina, at 306-347-5563. Applications for expenses incurred must be received by April 30th of the following calendar year to be considered.

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