Since the implementation of Medicare across Canada, all Canadians have benefitted from a universal, not-for-profit public health care system.

Polling shows that an overwhelming number of Canadians supports public health care, but despite this support, public health care is under attack by for-profit corporations looking to make money off our most vital public services.

In the Wall government’s first term, they denied any suggestion that they would privatize any aspect of public health care. But we are seeing more and more privatization creep into the public health care system. From user-pay MRI and CT scans to a P3 hospital to the contracting out of important hospital services such as laundry, the Saskatchewan government is putting profit before people in health care.

We need to invest in public health care. Learn more about CUPE National’s campaign to restore the Health Accord funding.

SAVE OUR HEALTH CARE - Keep Health Care Public!

PRINCE ALBERT: Workers laid off from Saskatchewan’s public laundry facilities last fall are concerned that laundry services now provided by the private company K-Bro Linen are inadequate.

The federal government should stop private for-profit companies from collecting and selling our blood products, including plasma. This is the message CUPE and other blood safety and public health care advocates delivered Tuesday on Parliament Hill.

March 30 2016 - Regina - The Canadian Union of Public Employees, representing 30,000 workers in Saskatchewan, stands with the Canadian Health Coalition, Canadian Doctors for Medicare, and the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses in opposing the Saskatchewan Party's recently announced plans to expand privatization of diagnostic imaging from MRIs to CT scans.