Medical Technologists and Technicians

Typically, a majority of patient encounters in health care involves interactions with medical technologist and technician professionals. These engagements are often short but essential. Medical technologists and technicians bear a large part of the responsibility for the general outcome of patient care. Yet they are often overlooked. The medical tests you have had done were probably done by a CUPE medical diagnostic technologist or technician.

CUPE's medical technologists and technicians are: biomedical techs, x-ray techs, ultrasound techs, lab techs, nuclear medicine techs, orthopedic techs, combined lab and x-ray techs, cardiovascular techs, pharmacy techs and ECG techs.

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Medical technologists and technicians play a critical role in our health care system. Many of them work behind the scenes doing laboratory tests or preparing medications for patients. Others work directly with patients doing x-rays, CT or MRI scans or other critical diagnostic tests.

Doctors rely on timely and accurate results from medical technologists and technicians so they can diagnose illnesses and create a treatment plan for their patients. Increased workload means that medical techs cannot complete all their work on shift, which results in many working through scheduled breaks, coming to work early, or leaving late. This can lead to delays in patient diagnosis, errors, and staff burnout.

Contact your MLA to urge the government to provide more funding to hire additional medical technologists and technicians to address workload and staffing requirements for safe and quality patient care.

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