Medical Technologists and Technicians

Typically, a majority of patient encounters in health care involves interactions with medical technologist and technician professionals. These engagements are often short but essential. Medical technologists and technicians bear a large part of the responsibility for the general outcome of patient care. Yet they are often overlooked. The medical tests you have had done were probably done by a CUPE medical diagnostic technologist or technician.

CUPE's medical technologists and technicians are: biomedical techs, x-ray techs, ultrasound techs, lab techs, nuclear medicine techs, orthopedic techs, combined lab and x-ray techs, cardiovascular techs, pharmacy techs and ECG techs.

image002Medical Radiology Technologists and Technicians Matter!

From November 2 -8, CUPE is celebrating National Medical Radiology Week and acknowledging the important role that medical technologists and technicians play in providing high quality patient care.

Many patient encounters in health care involve interactions with medical technologist and technician professionals. Whether working in urban or rural Saskatchewan, Radiology Technologists and Technicians are a fundamental component of the health care team.

So join us during National Medical Radiology Week to take some time to appreciate the important work these members do every day.
CUPE Saskatchewan Health Care Council's Diagnostic Medical Technologists and Technicians Committee is bringing awareness to the vital role that these medical professionals perform on a daily basis.

Check out our campaign on the CUPE Health Care Council web site at: 

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