Licensed Practical Nurses

CUPE LPNS are skilled and caring professionals who provide hands-on nursing care to families across the province.

CUPE has been a long advocate for ensuring all LPNS are able to work to full scope and are a respected part of the nursing team.

Listening to our members:
For over 10 years, CUPE’s LPN Committee has pressed the concerns and interests of our 1,500 licensed practical nurses. The committee, which consists of at least one LPN from each of the five CUPE health care locals, meets regularly to discuss issues and concerns specific to LPNs.
The committee organizes ongoing opportunities for feedback, including meetings with LPNs in the five health regions.

This week is National Nursing Week, May 12 to 18, 2014. It is an important time to recognize the tremendous work that CUPE members every day do to deliver high quality patient care as part of the nursing team.

The Saskatchewan government has proclaimed May 13th Licensed Practical Nurses day, and May 12th Continuing Care Assistant Day.

CUPE strongly supports multidisciplinary teamwork and full utilization of all team members' skills and training.

CUPE would like to thank all of our members for the tremendous work they do to deliver high quality public health care.