Dear CUPE Health Care Member:

Your CUPE Bargaining Committee and our Provider Coalition partners commenced collective bargaining with SAHO on May 25, 2017 in Regina.

SAHO tabled a common proposal package with CUPE, SEIU-West, and SGEU. The parties then broke off to their individual tables, where each union tabled its own proposal package with a separate SAHO bargaining committee.

We can confirm that we are in for a very tough round of bargaining. SAHO’s proposal package includes numerous monetary concessions that are reflective of the provincial government’s mandate of a 3.5 per cent reduction in public sector compensation costs for 2017-2018, followed by three years of consecutive zero per cent increases.

By contrast, CUPE’s proposal package puts forward the priority issues identified by members, including enhancing job security, benefit improvements, parity items such as premiums and overtime rates, improving family leaves, and new domestic abuse leave language. Other priorities include joint trusteeship of benefit plans and addressing recruitment and retention issues.

Our next bargaining dates are set for May 30-31 and June 1 in Regina. All three unions will resume bargaining on these dates with their respective SAHO bargaining committees, though there may be times when all three unions meet together with the larger SAHO committee.

We will need the support, strength, and solidarity of our members to fight back against the provincial government’s regressive wage mandate and the numerous concessions we are facing. We are asking all CUPE members to show their support for their bargaining committee and wear CUPE swag (including stickers) during bargaining dates.

CUPE will continue to keep you updated with further developments as they become available. Learn more at

In Solidarity,

Your CUPE Health Care Council Bargaining Committee

Sandra Seitz, Pearl Blommaert, Jim Carr, Nancy Black, Scott McDonald, Helen Sawatsky, Donna Krawetz, Brian Manegre, Wanda Edwards, Patty Brockman (staff coordinator), Gary Day (staff), Mira Lewis (staff), Guy Marsden (staff), Don Moran (staff), Lori Sutherland (staff)