April 27, 2017

Dear CUPE Health Care Member:

The CUPE Health Care Council and our provider coalition partners met with representatives of the Ministry of Health and SAHO on April 12, 2017 to discuss the possible establishment of a bargaining association to help stabilize labour relations with the transition to one provincial health authority (PHA).

The coalition provided the Ministry and SAHO representatives with a document outlining the principles for a health services providers bargaining association which would encompass CUPE, SEIU, and SGEU.

The coalition document emphasizes “respect for the constitutional and union rights of ... [all unions’] respective memberships with the view that all current health care unions have preserved jurisdiction to represent all of their current members within the sector.”

If the bargaining association model proceeds, the three unions will work together with the goal of negotiating one collective agreement for all health services providers in the province. The bargaining association would promote cooperation but would recognize the independence of each union in administering the collective agreement.

The Ministry of Health and SAHO representatives had a number of questions about the bargaining association proposal but stated the idea required further review from Ministry officials. The Ministry stated there is no other legislation being considered beyond The Provincial Health Authority Act enabling legislation (Bills 53 and 54) that will affect health care bargaining units.

CUPE will continue to work with our coalition partners to further advance the bargaining association model.

The providers coalition will also meet with SAHO on May 3, 2017 to finalize the logistics meeting that was cut short on March 7 and to set dates for the commencement of collective bargaining. No proposals will be exchanged at the May 3 meeting.

CUPE will continue to keep you updated with further developments as they become available. Learn more at www.cupesaskhcc.ca.

In Solidarity,

Your Health Care Council Executive

Gordon Campbell, Pearl Blommaert, Sandra Seitz, Jim Carr, Scott McDonald, Helen Sawatsky, Donna Krawetz, Brian Manegre, and Wanda Edwards