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Dear Health Care Member:

Your SEIU-West, CUPE, and SGEU health provider bargaining committees met with SAHO in Regina on November 27 and 28, 2018 to resume bargaining.
With everyone’s assistance, the Coalition has made considerable progress over the course of bargaining, and the only outstanding issue that remains is wages.

During the last hour of bargaining, the employer presented the Coalition bargaining committee with a “final” offer that included a monetary proposal well below the cost of living. We know from past rounds of bargaining that a “final” offer is not actually the end of bargaining, and we are under no obligation to vote on the offer.

Do you work in the following classifications: Equipment Operator-Groundskeeper, Groundskeeping Supervisor, Planning CoordinatorHead Groundskeeper or Groundskeeper?

You should know that the Joint Job Evaluation Maintenance Committee has initiated a provincial review for those job descriptions. You should expect to have the Employer give you the Provincial Review Process Form, the Provincial Job Fact Sheet and Provincial Review Instructions by November 23, 2018. These documents would have to be returned to the out of scope supervisor by December 27, 2018.

CUPE National Sector Conference in Ottawa was enlightened today by brother Sid Hall on Workload and how it can affect the care we are to provide our deserving residents/patients/clients. 

Thank you Brother Sid

Every year, on the week of November 8, we celebrate National MRT week. This is an important reminder of the essential role of Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) in the health care team, and a chance to thank all of our MRT members.

MRTs provide professional imagining and radiation-related treatment services, and play a vital role in diagnosis and patient care.

Learn more about MRT week here:

Join the conversation, post photos, and share your story on social media using the hashtag #MRTWeek2018.

Many people are marking November 7, 2018 as National Stress Awareness Day. Unfortunately, many CUPE Local 5430 members experience stress on a daily basis due to crushing workloads.

To mark this occasion, CUPE Local 5430 is asking our members to sign a postcard calling for the provincial government to address workload by ensuring staff are replaced when sick or on leave, improving shift schedules to reduce on-call work, increasing funding for frontline staff, and having meaningful discussion with health care unions about staff, resources, recruitment, and retention (especially in rural Saskatchewan).

Joint Bargaining Update

Dear Health Care Member:

Your SEIU-West, CUPE and SGEU bargaining committees met with SAHO in Saskatoon on October 18 and 19 to resume bargaining a fair and equitable collective agreement for all of our members.

We believe two outstanding issues remain: monetary and the Extended Health and Enhanced Dental Plan.

Health Care Providers’ Week

Each health care provider is an important part of the health care team - including continuing care aides, licensed practical nurses, dietary staff, medical diagnostic technologists and technicians, housekeeping and laundry aides, clerical and maintenance staff.

CUPE proudly represents over 13,600 health care providers in Saskatchewan who help ensure high quality care for residents and patients. Celebrate all they bring to public health care during Health Care Providers’ Week!

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On April 10th, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) announced that the decision was made to move all Information Technology (IT) services from the SHA into eHealth Saskatchewan (eHS). This would include moving the entire IT budget of $39 million over to eHS and a plan to abolish IT positions within SHA with the notion of offering employment to all of those positions affected. There were assurances that there were to be no layoffs at this time and no privatization of the services. The Unions were given no idea of what the new structure would look like under eHS.

Since this announcement, CUPE, SGEU and SEIU-West have been working with the SHA, eHS and SGEU (the bargaining unit at eHS) to understand the impacts this transfer will have on our members and where there is the intention to negotiate a transfer agreement that is in our members’ best interests.

This week, the Employer sent a communique to members that contained some misleading information about the state of negotiations around the transfer of employees from the Saskatchewan Health Authority to eHealth. We wanted to send out a communique to clarify what has unfolded in the last six months, and to highlight the outstanding issues.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), Ehealth Saskatchewan (eHS) and the health provider unions, SGEU, SEIU-West and CUPE, met on October 9 and October 12 to continue negotiating the transfer of Information Technology (IT) employees from the SHA to eHS, expected to take place at the end of the year. The negotiations became necessary because of the Government of Saskatchewan’s instructions to the Ministry of Health for the SHA to abolish IT services in the provincial health authority and turn the service over to eHS.

SGEU, SEIU-West and CUPE met with representatives from the Saskatchewan Healthcare Employees’ Pension Plan (SHEPP) the morning of October 12 to discuss options for members relating to their pensions.



About CUPE Local 5430

CUPE Local 5430 is the largest health care union in Saskatchewan, representing over 13,600 members. We represent a wide range of health care providers in five major classification areas: clerical, technical, nursing, support and plant operations. Together, we each contribute to the well-being of hospital patients, long-term care residents and home care clients.

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