Canada Day is a designated holiday within the terms of our collective agreement.

Employees who are regularly scheduled to work Monday through Friday:

✓ when the holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a day off in lieu.
✓ When the holiday falls on a Saturday, the previous Friday will be a day off in lieu.

Employees whose regular days of rest are not Saturday or Sunday, the holiday will be observed on the day it occurs.

The Government of Canada decides which day will be observed as Canada Day when July 1 falls on a Saturday or Sunday. In 2018, the Federal government declared the holiday is to be observed on Monday July 2.

For more information see Article 28 of the Collective Agreement.

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Did You Know

As many members are aware, the Saskatchewan Health Authority has undertaken a review of security services using an external consultant. Many believe, with good reason, that his review will lead to recommendations to cut back unionized in-house security positions and contract out security work to a low-paying private firm. This will not improve safety in health care facilities. 

Your coalition bargaining committee met with SAHO in Saskatoon during June 13, 14 and 15 to work to achieve a fair collective agreement that treats our members with respect, and does not include the cuts, rollbacks or concessions that the government wants.

Your Bargaining Committee will be back at the table this week. June 13 - 15. Remember to wear your CUPE gear!

Click on the folloiwng link and turn your sound on......

Meetings have been held regarding IT Transition.  Click on the link below for more information.

Communique - IT Update

CUPE Local 5430 requires an alternate replacement for the  Joint Job Evaluation Maintenance Committee. (JJEMC)


Vice-President - Pearl Blommaert

Secretary-Treasurer - Jim Carr

Trustee - Donna Sarich

Election Results

The Employer is obligated to keep a list of members who are not capable of returning to work in in their position in the near future.  When a member is fit to return to work, they may be accommodated or apply for posted vacancies.  This article protects disabled members from being terminated due to disability reasons. 

For more details please see Article 31 Return to Work. 


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