On July 24, 2018 CUPE, SEIU-West, SGEU, SUN and HSAS were called to a meeting hosted by 3S Health. At that meeting the Unions were introduced to AIMS (Administrative Information Management System), a province-wide initiative to implement one business system to replace the 82 non-integrated systems currently in use.

The cost of this initiative is $167 million dollars. The Employer tells us that the objectives of AIMS are to reduce time and effort spent on administrative tasks, freeing more time to deliver patient care. They want to ensure that the right people and resources are available at the right time in the right place and the right amount. The Employer says they will redirect savings realized into patient care.

Your local wants to raise awareness on issues related to influenza season; specifically, facility outbreaks and quarantines. Some members have reported issues regarding an employee’s status and the placement of staff when their facility/department is under quarantine. As such, we wanted to highlight your collective agreement Article 15.13 – Influenza/Quarantine, which reads:

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Health Care Provider Week


Bylaws and policies are the principles and rules that guide the effective running of a Local.

On May 8 & 9, 2019 CUPE Local 5430 held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Regina.
One of the important functions at the AGM is to discuss and debate changes to the Bylaws and Policies that are submitted to the Local by the Members. As part of the process, changes that are duly debated are sent to the Membership with any amendments made at the AGM. The Membership receives these Bylaws and Policy changes at Special Membership Meetings. Each proposed change is voted on separately by the Members at Regional Special Membership Meetings. The results of the regional votes are combined to provide a provincial outcome.
A majority vote from the five regional meetings is required to approve a Bylaw change.

CUPE Local 5430 has received the confirmation the SHA will be complying with sections 132, 133 and 134 of the Canada Elections Act. The language is provided below for easy access.

Federal Election 2019 - October 21, 2019 - Voting times 07:30 - 19:30

Employees are not entitled to time for to vote if they have three (3) consecutive Non-Working hours between 07:30 - 19:30. If the employees do not have three (3) consecutive Non-Working hours during the voting times, we ask that you make arrangements with your employer prior to voting day so that arrangements for coverage can be made.

Do you work in the following classifications?

  • Senior Postal Clerk
  • Postal Clerk
  • Senior Phlebotomist
  • Phlebotomist

You should know that the Joint Job Evaluation Maintenance Committee has initiated a provincial review for those job descriptions. You should expect to have the Employer give you the Provincial Review Process Form, the Provincial Job Fact Sheet and Provincial Review Instructions by October 16, 2019.

These documents would have to be returned to the out of scope supervisor by November 20, 2019.

Additional information pertaining to the Provider Group Joint Job Evaluation Process can be obtained from the website www.working-for-health.ca/supportjobevaluation.

SDLC Canvass 16Oct2019

Message from Lori Johb, President, Saskatchewan Federation of Labour 


Please see the link below. Monday Sept 30th is Orange Shirt Day – Every Child Matters. Please do what you can to recognise this important day! 

Orange Shirt Day is an event that started in 2013. It was designed to educate people and promote awareness about the Indian residential school system and the impact this system had on Indigenous communities for more than a century in Canada. It is held annually on September 30 in Canadian communities with students and staff being encouraged to wear an orange shirt to school that day.

Orange Shirt Day


In Solidarity,

Lori Johb


Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL)